• Cowhide Coat Rack- $99.00

  • Our 11x11x5" box bag-$125.00

  • Bucking Bronc Large Hobo Bag-$249.00

About Us

NO NEW ORDERS UNTIL JULY 27TH! However, checkout our "Ready to Ship Tab." WE WILL BE AT CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS JULY 17TH THRU JULY 26TH We started our small western decor business in the fall of 2002 with the idea that we could sell quality western decor at a reasonable price.  In the beginning,  it was strictly items purchased from wholesalers,  then we started making barnyard trays, picture frames, and it gradually expanded.  

Today, we produce many of our items but still continue to purchase unique western decor from different venues. Shane and I plan to retire in 2019 and H&M Valley Ranch will become our full time passion. Until then, we will make and fill orders as fast as we can!

Thanks to all of our customers who are making this dream come true! 

Contact us: hmvalleyranch@gmail.com or call/text: 417-252-7260.